Thursday, June 25, 2009


In my heart i am still a virgin. Yes, i have had traditional heterosexual intercourse, but that is a meaningless since i am not a heterosexual. When i look into my heart of hearts i am a humpy.

When i see a beautiful, powerful person, i don't want to penetrate them. What i really want to do is hump their legs. That's what humpies want since we are submissive exhibitionists who need our sexual gratification debased to its lowest form possible.

i want everyone to see. i want them all to be disgusted by the open, completely submissive expression of my sexuality.

i imagine that there are male and female humpies. i guess we fit into the category of doggie play, although that doesn't really enter into it in my head. i need to hump. i see a beautiful woman and i want to hump her leg, and i want her friends to see me humping her leg.

Since i would do anything to actually hump, i am sure that you could make me do just about anything using the hold of being allowed to hump over my head as leverage. i would act like a dog. i would dress like a sissy. i would crawl around nude.

Big, meaty thighs would seem to be the best for humping. i say best because i am still a virgin humpy. the perfect leg to hump would be that of a dominant Goddess, but i know i would blissfully hump a mans leg's. Humpys need to hump.

i would think that She would laugh at my humping. Maybe force me to swallow Her spit, or ashes. Slapping my face i'm sure would be fun. What would i do if She grabbed my nipples as i humped? Someday i hope that i will know.