Friday, December 31, 2010


i wrote this story for DaddyK's Humiliating Stories Contests group over at FetLife. The rules for the contest were that it had to be about a woman's humiliating confession to her priest and that it had to be between 700 and 1200 words. I was originally planning on fleshing out the story with descriptive text after I finished the dialog, but I quickly hit up against the word limit and didn't want to take anything out. I am really grateful that they've posted the story as part of their blog page for the contest. 

"Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. It's been three weeks since my last confession, and I accuse myself of the following sins: I have had impure thoughts, read impure writings, watched impure movies, and have committed impure debasing homosexual acts. Because these acts have been done repeatedly for the last three months I have also committed the sin of omission by not confessing them to the church immediately."

"My dear child, how could this have happened? You've been a member of this church your entire life. Why I married you here 19 years ago."

"I was searching my husbands computer when I discovered that he was visiting a site owned by the dominatrix Perfect Ebony Goddess Alisha. I started an online chat with her under the pretense of confronting her about her destructive relationship with my husband. In order to prove that I was a woman she insisted that I turn on my webcam. When I did she let me ask her questions. I wanted to know why my husband would do all these depraved acts with her when I had an attractive body and was right there for him. "

"What did she say?"

"She said that my husband was an inferior submissive so it was natural for him to submit to a superior Ebony Female, and that he needed a dominant force in his life for it to be complete and that I was not capable of fulfilling that role. I told her that I had a very attractive curvaceous body that my husband loves and that if he needed me to be more aggressive that I could do that."

"She called me a liar. She said that I was just as much of a submissive as my husband and that I was made to serve my superiors. She that having large breasts only meant that I was a cow with huge udders made to be milked by my owners. She said that she didn't talk to liars at that that she was done with me until I was ready to present by udders and moo for my superiors."

"How did this make you feel?"

"I was furious Father. I had never had anyone talk to me this way. But I was also excited. Her words sounded so right."

"The Devil's words always do."

"For weeks I resisted what she said, but I eventually broke down and continuously committed the sin of Onanism. When no one else was in the house I would strip down and kneel on the floor of our bedroom and imagine that Perfect Ebony Goddess Alisha was standing before me and I would pull on my udders and mooo and pleasure myself thinking about her perfect body and her commanding ways."

"Did you talk to her again?"

"Yes. After three weeks I broke down and approached her online. She asked me what I wanted and I unbuttoned by blouse, pulled out my udders and mooed for her."

"Why do you call them udders even here?"

"Perfect Ebony Goddess Alisha has instructed me that this is how I am to refer to them from now on. That since I am a cow I have udders that were made to be milked by my Superiors."

"Does your husband know about your relationship with her?"

"She won't let me. She's actually been very encouraging about my faith Father. I told her that I was a good Catholic and she said that this didn't change the fact that I was a cow. She told me that I needed to go to confession and tell the church everything."

"And have you told me everything?" 

"No Father. She has entrusted me with one of her silver anal plugs. She says that I am her plug holder and that I need to carry her plug inside of me as much as I can. She says that this is a great honor and that I am lucky that she lets me rent out her plug so that I can carry it for her inside my ass."

"How does it make you feel, doing this task for her?"

"It's so wonderfully obscene Father. It's like I was asleep all my life and when I put it inside me a switch is flicked turning me on. At first it was really hard to get in, but now I feel empty without it. It actually makes me sad when I take it out. I time myself for how long I can hold it in for her and update her on twitter. At work it makes me sit up and arch out my udders and I feel so proud. She's instructed me to milk it with my ass muscles. It's like I am caressing it lovingly for her. I'm so lucky that she's entrusted me with holding her plug."

"What else?"

"Even though my husband doesn't know it, Perfect Ebony Goddess Alisha dictates when and how I am to have sexual relations with my husband. At the appointed times I must make my husband kneel and beg for permission to see my udders. Eventually I pull out my breasts and heft them up for him but don't let him touch them. As he begs to suck them I slap him with them as hard as I can, making sure that his hands are behind his back. Then I let him suck on them for at least 15 minutes. As he suckles I tell him that I am a cow that needs to have her udders milked and moo. Then I straddle him and we have intercourse."

"Why do you think she wants you to confess all this?"

"Perfect Ebony Goddess Alisha has said that my faith is important and that it shouldn't interfere with my service to her. I don't know what to do Father. I love my family and I love my church but I have never felt so alive."

"So you need to be sexually submissive?"

"Yes Father."

"Then you need to do it from the context of your marital bed. You must confess what you have been doing to your husband. No matter what his desires are he is head of your household. Your duty first and foremost is submission to him. Do you think that you are a cow?" 

"I know I am a cow, Father."

"And what does a cow say?"


"Then you are his cow. I want you to be waiting for him kneeling and naked and hefting up your udders, as you call them, and confess everything to him. You are his wife. You are bound by God to submit to him. If your husband decides that he wants you both to submit to this woman, than you must obey him."
"The church doesn't have a problem with a couple being kinky, as long as it's done as a loving couple. Your obedience to your husband must guide you in your desires. It sounds to me that he will be more then happy for you both to explore your need for submission together, as a family."

"Oh thank you Father! I will Father!"

"Now onto your penance for lying to the Holy Church..."

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bounce Bounce Bounce

Do you believe in fate?

When i was about 11 i went to the states fair with some friends. There they had a concessions stand with something called The Grab Bag. Outside of it was a poster exclaiming, "test your luck with The Grab Bag! Win valuable prizes! Only $1." One by one each of my friends paid a dollar and reached into the Grab Bag.

One boy pulled out a Farrah Fawcett poster. A girl pulled out a charm bracelet. Another boy pulled out candy. Then it was my turn. When i reached into The Grab Bag i could tell that the prizes were either bags full of something or things rolled like posters.

Now i really wanted that Farrah Fawcett poster so i grabbed one of the tubes. Pulling it out i removed the rubber band and unrolled my prize.
It was an iron-on decal that said in cheesy letters: BOUNCE BOUNCE BOUNCE.

I was devastated. All of my friends started giggling "bounce, bounce, bounce" under their breath. I looked up at the man with the ZZ Top beard running the stand and begged him to let me try for another prize. He looked down at me with pitty and said, "sure son, that's not going to do you any good."

I handed him the decal and reached in again, desperate to pull out the sexy photo of Farrah Fawcett. What should be staring at my again as i opened up the roll: none other then the words BOUNCE BOUNCE BOUNCE.

Now my friends were laughing out loud at me. "All right son, " the carny said to me, "I'll give you one last chance. Maybe you should try one of the bags. They've got stuff like candy inside them." But I had to have that poster.

As I reached in my friends were now chanting rhythmically behind me, "bounce! bounce! bounce! bounce! bounce! bounce!" i spent a long time feeling around inside the Grab Bag trying to find that magical poster. The longer i felt around the louder their chanting became. "All right son, it's time to pick one." And with that I finally pulled out my prize and unrolled it like a town crier:


My friends all buckled over with laughter. A small crowd gathered around us as I stared horrified at my prize. "Sorry son," the carny said to me with sympathy. "Who else wants to test their fate with The Grab Bag!"

Throwing the decal away in disgust, i marched off to one of the rides, followed by friends gleefully chortling at my expense. For the rest of the evening if you wanted to get a good laugh, all you had to say was, "bounce, bounce, bounce."

But as the evening went on i regretted throwing away my prize. i secretly wanted to run back to the garbage can and fish it out. From then on, at random periods of my life, the words
bounce, bounce, bounce would enter my thoughts and i would think about that decal and wish that i had kept it and ironed it onto a t-shirt. The words were etched into my soul, like a psychic brand. I would imagine wearing it, and wonder what i would need in order to make the words come to life. i did indeed want to bounce bounce bounce, and i wanted everyone to see me doing it.

Friday, February 12, 2010


i am the subject of a post on the absolutely divine Miss D's blog:

It even has a poll!!!

i am so honored i am just giggling and flouncing like a school girl!!!