Wednesday, December 16, 2009


We are all social instruments that vibrate together through that power of our collective ideas. Our minds hear and see and sing along when the chords strike right. Our conscious minds may try to resist it, but our true selves know instantly because our souls come alive craving to join the collective chorus. To resist it is to invite depression and insanity. To embrace it is to become one with the universe.

There are different melodies that weave into an exquisite tapestry. Some are there for us to emulate. Others are made for us to want to wrap around as human counterpoint.

Big-dicked Daddy. i see that and my heart goes "oh my!" But it's not me. i want to interact with that, but that's different than being that, no matter how hard i may try.

Cruel Dominant Goddess. Again, my knees go weak. i am made to be a part of that somehow. i just know it. But still, that's certainly not me.

Limp wristed sissy faggot. That's it! The words make my heart sing. They bounce around in my brain rewriting everything they touch. Just four little words, but within them everything.

Don't they just make you smile? Can't you just see yourself being them? i'm not a big-dicked Daddy, i'm a limp wristed sissy faggot. i want people to see my prancing with my dead sexy limp wrist. i want them to see how good a sissy i am. i want to commune with other limp wristed sissy faggots. i want to sing it from the roof tops!

Join the human symphony. Vibrate. Don't fight it any more. You really don't want to.